Cleaning Windows Like a Professional

Window Witch Give Window Cleaning That Extra Edge

Window Witch Window Cleaner reaches 2 storeys high with the unique Reach Nozzle
Window Witch is the Best Window Cleaner on the Market

Window Witch is the Best Window Cleaner on the Market
Window Cleaning with Window Witch has Optional Pack Sizes

Getting the Best Results from Window Witch

  1. Connect the Window Witch Reach Nozzle  to your hose.
  2. Rotate black dial on the Window Witch Reach Nozzle to 'ON' setting                                                        Check out the Unique Reach Nozzle             
  3. Apply the Window Witch to the windows, using the correct jet spray setting. Using the water adjustment, check that you are happy with the water pressure at the tap. 
    Don't deal with too many windows at once or they will dry.
  4. Move quickly to avoid wastage.
  5. Optionally - Lightly brush up & down with one of our extendable Microfibre Window Pads to get rid of any surface grime.  (available in 2.5m or 4.5m extensions)
  6. Allow the product to soak for NO MORE than 5 MINUTES.
  7. DO NOT ALLOW the product to dry on the glass.
  8. DO NOT apply in direct sunlight.
  9. Turn the Reach Nozzle to the ‘WATER’ position.
  10. Rinse all the suds completely off working your way down from top to bottom.
To always rinse above and to the sides of the window thoroughly (as you may have oversprayed above and to the sides of the window).  This will prevent suds from running down afterwards and drying which will lead to streaking of the soap on your window.