Treating Mould & Mildew On Your Boat

Treating Mould on Your Boat is Easy with Wet & Forget ProductsAs all boaties know, keeping mould and mildew at bay is a constant battle and whenever one goes into a battle it helps to know the enemy.

Since it’s impossible to keep mould and mildew spores out, we have to control interior conditions so the little critters can’t populate at all!  Mould not only damages boats - it can also be a health hazard. Many studies show that exposure to mould and mildew are linked to a variety of health problems, especially those relating to respiratory systems.

If a mould spore comes in contact with a moist object, it will stick, and if the object remains moist for 24 hours, the spore will begin to grow. Generally, by the time you detect the musty smell of mould and mildew, it has taken a good hold of its surface.

As mould grows, it digests and damages whatever it grows on - and if it multiplies on carpet or upholstery, those items almost always have to be ditched. A similar fate awaits ceiling tiles and headliners. If mould/mildew takes hold on cloth, leather or vinyl it can destroy them quickly. Mould loves the cotton thread used in stitching on cushions and so the destruction can be quick and ruthless. If the cushion inners are exposed to the mould they will need to be discarded. 

Mould Requires Only Two Opportunities to Grow.


From water leaks in the boat OR water vapour which eventually condenses into a visible liquid which we measure as humidity.  60%+ humidity is a very welcoming environment for mould to grow.

  • Keep the water vapour under control by making sure your boat is properly ventilated.
  • Stop any leaks and control the humidity, or mould will start to grow again after your clean-up. You need a measuring system or hygrometer to tell if your ventilating is doing the job.


Ensure that any food prep areas are meticulously cleaned as they are not impervious to mould growth.  Otherwise, you will create a veritable smorgasbord for any mould. It is your food that the mould feeds on. Mould spores are so incredibly small and the food they need is very microscopic in size.  In the worst case scenario - if mould gets a hold on high gloss melamine laminate, the enzymes dull the finish and the original finish cannot be restored. The surface will have to be refinished with a special paint.

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking that by wiping the benches with a normal kitchen cloth you will have a truly clean surface. This is just not true.
  • Check that breadcrumbs for example, don’t fall between the grooves or you will be guilty of feeding a mould colony for months.

Mould and Mildew are Toxic

Wipe Out Mould and Mildew with Wet & Forget Indoor

Spray the Wet & Forget Indoor directly onto the mould or mildew.  Once the mould or mildew is loosened, wipe it away to clean the area thoroughly.Wet & Forget Indoor Kills Mould and Mildew

Wet & Forget Indoor Mould & Mildew Remover can be used as a preventative measure by spraying hard surfaces and backs of curtains that are prone to the growth of mould and mildew.

Wet & Forget Indoor Mould & Mildew Remover is multipurpose in its action as it kills mould and mildew as well.  This means no scrubbing or rinsing surfaces prone to mould & mildew.

Wet & Forget Indoor Mould & Mildew Remover eliminates musty smells associated with mould & mildew.

Wet & Forget Indoor Mould & Mildew Remover kills: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, Serratia marcescens.

If the mould has taken a good hold on fabrics, even the best clean-up, while it will remove the mould, may well not remove the stains caused by the mould. Generally nothing can be done about that other than to replace the fabric. If curtains, carpet, cushions, bedding, or the like, are heavily attacked you will probably need to junk them.

Treat Mould on Your Boat with Wet & Forget Products That Work

Choose the Product that Suits you for Moss Mould and Lichen Removal

  How to Clean Boat Exteriors Using 'Rapid Application'

  1. Attach your hose, turn to ON and off you go!
  2. No mixing! No measuring! No mess!
  3. Choose a cool, dry day to apply it.
  4. Saturate the DRY surface you are cleaning with the Rapid Application.
  5. NO rain for the first 5 hours - Then, just watch it come cleaner - bit by bit

    Clean the Exterior of Your Boat with Rapid Application

How to Clean Boat Exteriors Using Wet & Forget

  1. Mix it up 1 to 5 in your garden sprayer. Choose a cool, dry day to apply it.
  2. Saturate the DRY surface you are cleaning with the Wet & Forget.
  3. NO rain for the first 5 hours - Then, just watch it come cleaner - bit by bit.
  4. Only one application! (except in extreme cases of heavy contamination)
  5. You can use it safely on ANY exterior surface because there is NO BLEACH in our product.
  6. NO BLEACH means an unlimited shelf life.

    Clean the Exterior of Your Boat with Wet and Forget
Mould and Mildew on Your Boat is a Major Issue