How Do You Say Lichen Correctly?

How Do You Say The Word lichen?

We've heard them all!  But it's LICHEN (pronounced like in)

Wet & Forget are the Lichen Specialists

Lichen is a strange looking growth that sometimes looks like a flattened white cauliflower or it can be a bluey/greenish growth. 

Lichen loves to stick to roofs, asphalt, guttering, fences, roads & footpaths and even tree trunks!  It can inch its way into these surfaces and damage them which is why it should be removed without damaging that same surface!

It lives in all weather conditions; dry or wet and loves our clean NZ air!  Lichens are enduring, environmental survivors especially during droughts.  They dry out and become dormant but when water is available, they quickly absorb it and spring back to life.
Lichen is perfect marriage between fungus - the planty looking bit - and algae, which does the photosynthesis!
The algae gives the plant sugars and the fungus keeps the water going and the plant growing all year round!  That's why Lichen is so hard to get rid of!

Wherever it shows up - New Zealand’s original Wet & Forget or Rapid Application are precisely the products to remove it in one easy step!

Lichen Has Many Faces

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How To Remove Lichen Off Your Roof