Window Witch is What the Professionals Use

Window Witch is the Best Window Cleaner on the Market

  • Chuck away the bucket!
  • Chuck away the hand washing liquid!
  • Chuck away the rags!
  • Chuck away the squeegee that probably has nicks in it anyway!
  • Click the ‘Reach Nozzle’ on your Window Witch bottle directly onto your hose and begin spraying.
    Buying quality products from the start is the key to success. 

    Wet & Forget's solution to exterior Window Cleaning is Window Witch®.  
    Use what the professionals are using.

    Window Witch® will clean your windows so quickly and with amazing results. Bet you’ll never go back to a spray bottle and paper towels again.

    Don't waste any more time!  
    Window Witch Should be Your Exterior Window Cleaner of Choice

    1. Window Witch® is a combination of smart surfactants that dissolve grime.
    2. Window Witch® contains citrate water softeners/high performance additives to sheet water from windows to eliminate water spotting.
    3. Window Witch® will help you enjoy this onerous task.  You will probably enjoy it so much you'll want to clean the neighbour's windows as well.

    4. Window Witch by Wet and Forget makes Window Cleaning Easy