Meet The Chief Who Visited Queen Victoria

What an amazing story from customer Craig

Attached for your convenience, are some before and after photos of the headstones of my Great Great Great Grand father, Kamariera Te Hau Takiri Wharepapa, a Ngapuhi Chief, who travelled to England as the orator for a group of seven Chiefs. He met Queen Victoria and also met and fell in love with the woman who became my Great Great Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Read. (Wharepapa was a favourite muse of Goldie too)

The other headstone is Wharepapa's daughter, Eliza, my Great Great Grandmother.  These headstones are over 100 years old now and are made of Italian marble with beaten lead lettering. They are intricate and delicate. 

The lead lettering is extremely fragile, so we had to be very careful with our approach. As you can see, the headstones were both in poor condition when I decided to try and do something to restore them.

The solution was.....

I visited your store in Whangarei and spoke with you man there, who recommended Wet & Forget.  After talking to a mate about what I was intending to do, I returned to the Whangarei store and purchased some Hit The Deck also.

I used Hit The Deck first, carefully scrubbing it with an old toothbrush near the letters and a bigger brush on the rest of each head stone.  I treated both headstones twice over 3 weeks with Hit The Deck and then used a toothbrush and Wet & Forget carefully around the lettering twice again at fort nightly intervals.  Then 2 more sprays with Wet & Forget at 3 week intervals, and look at the result!!  I was literally moved to tears by the result and so,so pleased with how the headstones look now.

Thank you and your team Rod. Your products are genuine and do what you say they will, and then some!  My family history has been protected for future generations because of your fantastic products.

I will be forever grateful for the transformation your products made to my Tupuna's memorials.  With sincere thanks and warm regards,

Craig Douglas.