What is the Best Weedkiller?

Hitman Organic Weed Killer Targets Broadleafed Weeds

  • Hitman Organic Weed Killer is an incredibly fast, non selective weed killer, derived from plant fatty acids to get rid of those pesky weeds.
  • Hitman Organic Weed Killer is perfect for cobblestone areas, bases of trees, borders, boundaries - anywhere where broadleafed weeds abound.
  • Hitman Organic Weed Killer is totally natural.  
  • Hitman Organic Weed Killer has an amazing 2 hour knockdown time!

Check out the 2hr knockdown time of Hitman Organic Weedkiller!Hitman Has a 2 hour Knockdown - Can't Beat That

How Does Hitman Work?

Hitman Organic Weedkiller is made from plant fatty acids. It is the fatty acids in this product that act as a dessicant, which ruptures the cell wall of the plant allowing the chlorophyll to spill out and rapidly dehydrate the plant.  This interrupts photosynthesis and if a plant can’t photosynthesise it will die. 

Normal precautions are required but Hitman Organic Weedkiller is less toxic than table salt according to the LD 50 chart.  It is not selective so you must be careful of overspray.  Some well developed weeds may require multiple applications to get control. You do get a two hour knockdown which is fantastic as you know exactly where you have been and this is incredibly hard to beat!

 How To Apply Hitman Organic Weedkiller:

  • Mix product 70ml to a litre of water (or 1-14) in your garden sprayer.
  • Spray and get a thorough coverage of the foliage.
  • Warm or hot dry days are the best when the foliage is dry.
  • For well established weeds a second application 7-14 days after the first may be required if any new growth appears.

Rain fast time:
Need 4-5hrs without rain after application.

Perfectly safe around animals. Just keep them away while it dries to prevent them wanting to lick it.

Look At What a Great Job Hitman Does to Kill WeedsBefore and After Images - You only need a 2 hour wait time to witness the action of Hitman Weedkiller!Hitman Kills Weeds Quickly

Some Comments About Hitman Organic Weedkiller from Ruud Kleinpaste 

Ruud Kleinpaste

Personally, I am always on the cautious side when it comes to chemicals and pesticides. If I need to apply a weedkiller or pesticide, I tend to use the bio-degradable ones or those with the minimum amount of impact on humans, pets or non-target species. It makes sense, really, but they need to be effective too!  Hitman is one of those marvellous products, biodegradable, made from natural plant fatty acids,  safe to use leaving no residues at all!

On top of all that, it kills really quickly and has a wide range of plants it will control. The possibilities are huge!  And talking about possibilities: because Hitman is non selective, there's always the chance that you might just hit your darling's rare Schlumbergia.  Now that would be a bad idea, so...Use Hitman in the knowledge that it is safe to humans and pets but use it with caution if you want to remain friends with the Gardener of the House... because Hitman will do its job, quickly and silently!

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What Weeds Does Hitman Organic Weedkiller Kill?