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Window Witch for Cleaning Windows

Zoe and I got out and tackled the windows this arvo - with kids and dogs our windows are almost opaque…. I like to say I have them that way on purpose to stop people walking through them ;) but now that I have found with window witch there is no excuse!!! It is sooo easy, no effort needed - spray windows, give a wee scrub, wash off and walk away.
Anna Junghenn 

Best Ratings for Wet & Forget's Window CleanerWet & Forget’s Window Witch: Rated Best Window Cleaner
(Results Just released - 2021 Survey)

Modern homes feature a lot of glass. And when you’re on the inside looking out, nothing spoils your outlook on the day like grimy windows. Sure, you can pay somebody to clean your windows for you, but that can be expensive. However, doing it yourself can be an arduous job, especially if you’re climbing ladders with a bucket and a squeegee.

The easier alternative is to use a specialised window cleaning product. Preferably one with a special applicator. Just pop a hose onto the product’s bottle, spray your windows, give it a bit of a wipe and rinse. Simple! 

Many products promise a streak-free shine. Wet & Forget delivers on their promise? 

Thumbs Up to Wet & Forget

                   Coming out on top is Wet & Forget’s
                                       Window Witch

                     the winner of Canstar Blue’s award for
        Most Satisfied Customers | Outdoor Window Cleaners.

Overall Satisfaction         Ease of Use                Effectiveness
Packaging                         Value for Money        Environmental Friendliness

So again - What is the #1 Rated Outdoor Window Cleaner?

Wet & Forget's Window Witch is the clear winner (excuse the pun). It was the only brand to score a top 5-Star award for Overall Satisfaction.  Window Witch’s handy spray applicator was an obvious hit with consumers.

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