Moss Removal When It's Not Fashionable

Moss grows where nothing else can grow. Moss continues to fascinate us with its power of renewable energy.  A single clump of mosses can lie dormant and dry for forty years and then suddenly vault back again into life with just a mere soaking of water.  It dines upon landscapes and surfaces in a never ending meal.
Sloths Grow Moss Because They Move So Slowly

Moss even grows on the fur of sloths because they move soooooo slowly!

Make sure you don't become slothful. 
Move now and get rid of that unsightly moss.

When dangerous slippery surfaces and unsightly visuals are no longer acceptable.  Break the growth cycle in the areas where moss is a nuisance with an effective moss killer to remove the moss quickly and early.  It is not difficult to control or prevent.

So how do you get rid MOSS on surfaces like these ones below? 

Don't let MOSS be the BOSS!
At the first sign of a green tinge 

Get out the weaponry of Rapid Application or Wet and Forget
to kill Moss on Concrete Driveways, Pavers, Roofs, Bricks, Decks, FencesChoose between Using Rapid Application and Wet and Forget for Moss Removal

Rapid Application Gives Very Speedy Applications For Larger Areas


Wet & Forget is the Original Moss Remover

Using Wet and Forget or Rapid Application to Kill the Moss

  1. Allow the moss to dry out as much as possible before the application.
  2. Apply Wet & Forget or Rapid Application to saturate the moss totally.
  3. The moss will usually discolour within a few hours if not immediately.
    This is a good sign as you know you have had the intended impact to kill the moss.
  4. Mother Nature now takes over and as the moss will break down and through the natural weathering process of sun, rain and wind - it will break away gradually until there is nothing left.

What Causes Moss on Driveways?      
Driveways with overhanging trees become the prime locations for moss to settle down and take root.  If there are any cracks in the concrete driveway – they will become the most problematic areas.  Spores spread from nearby moss plants and new areas start to propagate.

    Is Moss on Outdoor Surfaces Bad?

    Once established, mosses hold in their moisture and this deteriorates the surfaces beneath.  This shortens the lifespan and creates more hazardous surfaces of areas such as walkways, decking, paving and all those areas that we love for outdoor enjoyment. It is also unsightly in these areas.

    Prevent Moss Growth

    When you have removed the moss and the area is all clean on your concrete driveway, pavers, fences or roof, it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t return so again, at the first hint of green - get your Rapid Application or Wet & Forget into action.

    Getting Rid Of Moss in Your Lawn

    1. Firstly, lightly water the lawn but not enough to saturate the moss.  Do this late in the day when the sun is low so that evaporation is kept to a minimum.
    2. Dilute the 5L Wet & Forget - 7 parts water to 1 part Wet & Forget and spot spray the moss. You may have to give it a couple of goes until you have it under control. At worst you may get slight burning on the grass, but it will recover very quickly.
    3. Rake the dead moss out.  Broadcast area with garden lime to change the pH levels
    4. If it’s early spring or autumn, over-seed & fertilise.
    You cannot use Rapid Application to get rid of the moss in your lawn.
    Its dilution rate is different and it’s not as easy to spot spray with the Reach Nozzle.