How To Use Wet & Forget. Concentrate or RTU?

How Long Does Wet and Forget Take to Work?

As the name suggests, Wet & Forget provides us with an extremely convenient cleaning process. ie Wet the surface and then Forget about it!  Once applied, there's no need for rinsing or scrubbing. It’s simply a matter of letting it do its thing with the help of Mother Nature.  But how long does it actually take to work?

Although you certainly won’t need to whip out a stopwatch and count down the minutes, it's handy to know what sort of time frame to expect.

How Long Does Wet & Forget Actually Take to Work?

Obviously, not all clean-ups are going to be the same. If you're removing light green growths such as algae, you'll generally see results very quickly.

Alternatively, if there's a large amount of black mould or black fungi, then it can take months before you see improvements. It is all dependent on how bad the contamination is and how much rain you get to speed up the clean up. If the black mould stains have been developing for many years, it may take six months to one year before it's completely clean. That’s in the worst case scenario. To speed up the process, you can give the surface a light brush after the first month.

What is Wet & Forget Used For?

Wet & Forget removes moss, mould, lichen, and algae. Our effective non-acidic, non caustic, bleach-free formula can be sprayed on absolutely any outdoor surface. With products such as our ready-to-use Rapid Application Moss Mould Remover and our Wet & Forget Moss Mould Remover concentrate, your exterior surfaces will soon be looking top notch.
Wet & Forget is the Original moss Mould & Lichen remover

Can I Spray Wet & Forget on Any Outdoor Surface?

We aren't kidding when we say Wet & Forget can be used on pretty much any exterior surface. From driveways to ceramic pots to tennis courts, our spray can be used on virtually anything and know that it is absolutely safe on any of these surfaces.

Surfaces Wet & Forget Can Be Used On Include:

Roofs of all Kinds Gutters
Asphalt / Concrete driveways Headstones
Astroturf Hinuera or Oamaru Stone
Bowling Greens Hockey pitches 
Brick Natural stone
Caravans & awnings Painted textured surfaces
Cow sheds Pathways & Pavers
Decks - Wood or Composite Patios
Fibreglass Pool surrounds
Golf Courses Wooden decks

Will Wet & Forget Damage My Plants or Affect My Pets?

Although our solution is non-acidic, non-caustic, and bleach-free, you'll still want to avoid spraying it directly onto your plants and aim to keep your pets away from the surface until it’s dry.

To be extra safe, you can water your plants before and after application - to remove any solution that may have been accidentally sprayed. Similarly, if your pet happens to walk on the wet surface, simply rinse their paws.

How Does Wet & Forget Work?

You might be thinking, how does Wet & Forget work without using harsh chemicals? Despite its almost neutral pH level of 8, the active ingredient kills bacteria, removing growths such as moss, mould, lichen and algae. This is true of both the Wet & Forget and Rapid Application products.

How Do I Use Wet & Forget?

Each product has slightly different application instructions. For instance, if you're using our Wet & Forget Moss Mould Remover Concentrate you'll need to fill your garden sprayer with five parts water and one part concentrate. After doing so, apply the solution to a DRY outdoor surface until heavily saturated.

For those using our revolutionary hose end with the product Rapid Application Moss Mould Remover, all you need to do is attach the revolutionary Reach Nozzle to your garden hose, select the appropriate dial and begin spraying. Our hose end is ideal for high elevations or large surfaces such as roofs and driveways as it reaches up to 8m in height – that’s 2 storeys!

And, for removing that horrible outdoor window grime, our Window Witch Exterior Glass Cleaner will do the magic for you.

Window Witch for Cleaner Windows


Check out our Outdoor and product pages for more information about how to use your selected product.

How Do I Know if the Wet & Forget is Working?

In some instances, you may visibly see the reaction take place. For example, when getting rid of moss, you may well see it go brown before it disappears from the surface.

Likewise, surfaces such as concrete may turn an orange-brown colour after it has been sprayed. This temporary change is a natural reaction between the growth and the Wet & Forget solution and will disappear.

Wet & Forget Moss Mould and Lichen Remover is Simply The Best on The Market

How Often Do I Need to Spray Wet & Forget?

Good news! After the initial clean, you’ll never have to wait so long to see results. Instead, an annual spray of Wet & Forget should help to keep the moss, mould and lichen at bay. However, if any new moss, mould and lichen appears before then, re-apply the solution sooner.

When Should I Apply Wet & Forget?

It's best to apply Wet & Forget on a dry day with no or little wind - preferably in the morning or evening to avoid evaporation of the product. When checking the weather forecast, look ahead to make sure no rain is predicted later that day as you want no rain for the first 5 hours after application.

For best results, it's also recommended to sweep away any debris from the surface. Although this isn't necessary, it does help ensure that the solution is going directly onto the growth that you are targetting.

Why is Wet & Forget Better Than Other Outdoor Cleaners?
Compared to traditional cleaners packed with chemicals, Wet & Forget is an almost neutral solution that won't damage your surface when it's applied. Plus, not having to spray it afterwards reduces water costs and minimises the time taken to clean.

With a focus on convenience, ease of use, and safer ingredients, Wet & Forget has become the leading outdoor cleaner. Although results can take time for those heavily contaminated surfaces, it's well worth the wait. The secret is to apply annually to keep those growths in check.

We hope that this article has helped explain how Wet & Forget works and how long the process can take. Essentially, the dirtier the clean-up, the longer it usually takes- either way, patience is key.

Your other option is Rapid Application which you dispense through Wet & Forget's special 'Reach Nozzle' rather than through a garden sprayer.  Absolutely the same coverage!

Choose the Product that Suits you for Moss Mould and Lichen Removal

Can I use Wet & Forget inside?

In addition to our outdoor range, we also have a ready-to-use Wet & Forget Indoor solution designed to tackle indoor mould and mildew in your home. From countertops to toys to curtains, it's unbelievable how many items gather bacteria and grime - all of which can be cleaned using our indoor spray bottle. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses!
Check out our Indoor product page for more information about how to use this product.

Although this product can be used in the shower, we also offer a specific Shower Witch Shower Cleaner which has been specially formulated to keep your shower sparkling clean.
Choose Indoor Mould Remover or Shower Witch for Better Bathroom Cleaning

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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