How To Remove Black Fungi Off Concrete

Cleaning Black Fungi Off Concrete Driveways is Fast With Rapid ApplicationSee How Rapid Application Cleaned the Black Fungi From this Driveway

Cleaning Larger Areas Like Driveways is Fast With Rapid Application

With the Rapid Application and its Reach Nozzle all you need to do to clean black fungi off your driveway is to attach your hose to the bottle, turn it to 'ON' and that’s it!  Start cleaning by saturating the DRY concrete.

The most outstanding feature of Rapid Application is the reach nozzle with its unparalleled speed of application especially for large concrete driveways, and paths. This revolutionary reach nozzle sprays fifty times faster than that of a garden sprayer! 

The best time to apply it is on a cool, dry windless day when no rain is expected.  It requires no mixing or measuring which means no mess for you!  Every 2L pack covers between 150-300 sq m depending on the porosity of the surface and the level of contamination.  As the days go by, watch your concrete become cleaner. You only need to apply this once to see results come to life.Grizz Wyllie recommends Rapid Application to Clean ALL Exterior SurfacesCoverage is 150-300m2 per pack - (dependent on the porosity of the surface)Buy The Pack Size you Need of Rapid Application

What if the Concrete Turns Orange?

If your concrete turns orange after cleaning—don’t worry. It just means you did good work! This colour symbolises the contamination changing colour and is a normal reaction. This colour will fade over time and is not permanent. Your concrete is on its way to becoming clean and new!

How To Clean Black Fungi Off Concrete Surfaces with Wet & ForgetWet & Forget Removes Black Fungi Off Concrete Driveways

Use the Wet & Forget (blue) to clean black fungi off your concrete driveway or path. Mix it 1 part to 5 parts water in your garden sprayer. Every 5L pack yields 30L of product to spray. Make sure you pick a cool and dry day to clean concrete and apply this product. Once mixed, saturate the DRY concrete. Remember to cover the entire surface that you want to clean. This is essential to kill anything that infests the surface. This product also contains a surfactant that gives more even dispersal. Watch your concrete clean itself with the help of Mother Nature. To make the most out of the product, applying it in the evening is beneficial as evaporation will be minimal which means the surface you’ve applied it to stays wet for longer without any interference.

Clean up Smaller Concrete Areas with Wet & ForgetCoverage is 150-300m2 per pack - (dependent on the porosity of the surface)