How To Clean Your Shower Without Scrubbing

There’s nothing better than hopping into a clean shower. Even though cleaning your shower can sound like the biggest chore, trust us when we say that cleaning is worth it. Your shower is something you use everyday so it’s only right you give it some attention and clean it. At Wet & Forget we have everything you need to clean your shower. After cleaning your shower, stand back and watch your shower experience improve.

What products do I need to clean the shower?

To clean your shower, the best product to use is the Wet & Forget Shower Witch Shower Cleaner. It will clean your shower and make it look new. It’s simple to apply and you’ll be amazed by the results. It contains no aggressive chemicals, is biodegradable and actually smells like a vanilla milkshake. However, it will not remove hard mineral deposits.

Shower Witch is NZ's #1 Shower Cleaner

To remove hard mineral (water spotting) which is always very visible on shower glass doors the best product to use is  Tiger's Paw® Shower Glass Restorer. Use this on your glass to help exfoliate these off. It will revive your shower glass doors when nothing else will.  You can also exfoliate infuriating calcium deposits with this simple and easy to use tool. Tiger's Paw® will free your glass from hard water/calcium deposits/water spotting.

Note: Tiger’s Paw is only for use on shower glass (not house or car glass).
The Shower Squeegee is another useful tool when it comes to cleaning a shower. 

How to use Shower Witch to Clean the Shower?

Shower Witch works best on glass, porcelain tiles, acrylic, glass, chrome, enamel, vitreous China, plastic, stainless steel marble and stone. To clean your shower first attach the applicator gun. The hose is coiled inside the sprayer handle. Pull out and fully extend. Remove the sticker, open the cap and dispose. Insert tip and listen for the click.

  1. When you finish your shower, spray all your surfaces including the base.
  2. Leave it to soak until your next shower (preferably overnight - not necessary though if you are cleaning regularly).
  3. Use your shower head to rinse it all down with water.
  4. If you don’t have a removable shower head, then clean the shower as you already do - by wiping it down or with a bucket of water and cloth.
  5. Be careful to rinse off the base first in case it is slippery.
  6. Just watch the soap scum, body fats and grime dissolve and disappear before your eyes.
  7. A wipe down may help in extreme cases.
  8. Use it only when you see a soap build up – not every day.

Do a test spot if you have the combination of both hard water and dark tiles. 
Shower Witch is such an effective cleaner that it can often highlight those unsightly calcium deposits as streaks when the soap scum and body oils are removed, which have previously been disguised (not an issue for light coloured surfaces). Remember that the shower base may be slippery after application and rinse off before showering. As a minimum, leave Shower Witch on the surface to be cleaned overnight. If you don’t have a shower head to rinse the product off either use a bucket of water to rinse it down or use a cloth while you are in the shower to wipe the surfaces down. Make sure to remove most of the residue on the base first to avoid slipping.
Shower Cleaning with Shower Witch has 3 Easy Steps

See the Difference that Shower Witch makes When You Clean Your Shower

Shower Witch Makes When You Clean Your Shower

How to Use Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer to Clean Showers?

Tiger’s Paw® helps clean your shower by removing undissolved minerals from your shower glass surfaces without using a specialty glass contractor and saves you money on the ‘water spotting’ issue. Typically, one block is more than enough for your standard shower. The amount of time it will take to clean will depend on the shower size and the level of buildup, but for most people it will be immediate.

Our ergonomically designed, ‘Restorer Block Holder’ fits the hand perfectly, and has a soft, tiger stripe pattern for excellent grip.

  1. Fit a ‘Restorer Block’ into the ‘Restorer Block Holder’. This has a finely milled abrasive which is infused into a lubricant. When this is wet, it helps reduce any fine scratching on the glass.
  2. Keep the glass wet by spraying water on the area you are focusing on.
  3. Use a vertical scrubbing action ONLY to cut away the undissolved minerals from the glass surface.
  4. Rinse and dry the glass to check clarity – continue cleaning the remainder of the door.
  5. Once clean, you will only have to use Tiger’s Paw every so often, as and when the glass develops a build up again.

If it’s difficult to remove the deposits use some elbow grease. This should be something that you only need to do once. However, it will depend on your water supply and whether you want to squeegee your glass down every day or use Shower Witch regularly.

Note: Always try a test spot at the bottom corner of your problem glass, as some glass is softer and very mild, fine hair line scratching may be seen in certain light.  In the worst case of prolonged mineral buildup, Tiger’s Paw® may not remove all traces of your water spotting. Tiger’s Paw® is specifically for use only on Shower Glass, and is not for use on Automotive or domestic house glass.

Clean your Shower Glass Doors With Tiger's Paw if You have Water Spotting

At Wet & Forget we have everything you need to clean your shower. Our products will leave your shower looking refreshed and new. Wet & Forget has a nationwide store network, you can check out our products in store or order online. You can also contact us with any questions you may have and we’ll help you out with all you need to know on how to clean your shower.