How Serious Are You About Your Garden?

'Tis the season for gardeningDo you want to grow more and of better qualitySeafood Soup is the best garden fertiliser you will ever need

Seafood Soup is nature's potent fertiliser, fresh from the ocean
  • Seafood Soup is like having thousands of birds dropping organic nutrients onto your garden.
  • This is what your plants WANT TO EAT!
  • This RTU ocean fresh fertiliser is so easy to apply.  Simply THE BEST!
  • It's loaded with trace elements with a specialised NPK ratio which is critical to support strong growth.
  • Fish oil acts as a natural insecticide.  There's NO fishy smell either.

Seaweed Tea is the best vaccination to help your plants resist pest attack and diseaseSeaweed Tea is a great stimulant for plant growth

  • Seaweed Tea is like a vaccination.  It helps plants increase their resistance to pest attack & disease.
  • Seaweed Tea is a bio stimulant to boost plant growth.
  • Seaweed Tea maximises nutrient uptake & boosts worm population.
  • Seaweed Tea is a foliar and root spray for anything that grows.
This combo gives your garden the best of everythingCheck out these combos to save money