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Seafood Soup is the best garden fertiliser you'll ever use

Get the magic that makes your garden growIf you are serious about growing amazing vegetables, flowers, lawns, new shrubs, fruit trees etc then Seafood Soup and Seaweed Tea made by Wet and Forget - are simply a must have! You just click the hose end attachments to your garden hose and off you go spraying.  Spectacular flowers and vegetables like these will just become the norm!  Below are photos from one of our team who is sharing images of the prolific growth she witnessed. Great Results Yvette!

This combo pack of Seafood Soup and Seaweed Tea is the best combination for these amazing results. These are your secret weapons to being the best gardener in the street.

  • Boost plant soil health & fight disease and pest attack with Seaweed Tea
  • Use our potent Seafood Soup fertiliser - "fresh from the ocean"

    Seafood Soup and Seaweed Tea are simply the best gardening tools you could ever have

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