Deck Needing Some Tender Loving Care?

Deck Cleaning has never been easier using 'Hit The Deck'Hit The Deck is the Best Deck Cleaner on the MarketHit The Deck and Tips for an Easier Clean UpSee the Hit The Deck Difference When You Clean Your DeckBuy From our Helpful Range to Clean Your Deck Easily

How To Clean Your Dirty Deck with 'Hit The Deck'

  1. Apply Hit The Deck to your DRY deck surface with a garden sprayer as per instructions. Choose a cool time to avoid evaporation of the product.  if your deck is huge, do in smaller sections. Leave it on the surface for about 30 mins. Do not let it dry out.
  2. Hose off as you scrub the surface with a hard, short bristled broom and watch the surface contamination peel off. Attach an EziHand to the broom to give you more leverage and less back strain.
  4. Use one of our specialised, hard, short bristled, brooms. (Your secret weapon)

Using BONE DRY (Sealant for Porous Surfaces)

  • Seal the surface when the deck is clean and dry with Wet & Forget's porous surface sealant called Bone Dry - for longer protection.  Bone Dry will seal porous surfaces such as decks and other timber surfaces to keep the moss and mould at bay for longer.  Helps as a stain retardant also.
Use Bone Dry to Seal Porous Surfaces
  • NEW decks - (resins and colour need to leach out for 6 mths before application of Bone Dry)
  • Always make sure deck is completely DRY and totally CLEAN before application.
  • Summer is the best time to apply in readiness for the following winter