Clean Wooden Decks Without Waterblasting

Hit The Deck is Rated the Best Deck Cleaner.  It's easy to see why. You have 2 options to Remove Moss Mould Lichen off Your Deck.

                           1.  Waterblasting
                           2.  Hit The Deck

Waterblasting Damages your deck
Here's why waterblasting is NOT the best option.

  • We don't recommend waterblasting timber decks because you immediately break down and destroy the fibres in the timber.  If you looked at these fibres under a microscope, they would look like miniature 'pick up sticks'. 
  • Waterblasting can also cause annoying splinters to break away and come off - not so good for your tootsies.
  • Waterblasting most definitely shortens the lifespan of your deck.

Hit The Deck is rated the Best Deck Cleaner
Here's why Hit The Deck IS THE BEST OPTION. 

  • Hit The Deck is a safe cleaner with no bleach and no harsh chemicals. 
  • Hit The Deck CANNOT damage the surface of your deck at all!
    It will simply bring new life back to your dirty deck.
  • Hit The Deck works with pure oxygen to clean.
  • Hit The Deck gives you an instant result.

Cleaning Decks is Best Done with Hit The DeckThe best way to clean a wooden deck and bring it back to its original state is without a doubt by using 
Hit The Deck - another great innovation by Wet & Forget.  This is especially wonderful for those blackened decks that are contaminated with black fungi or lichen.

Hit The Deck is Best For Really Dirty or Blackened DecksCleaning Decks is Easy with Wet and Forget ProductsDeck Cleaning Tools Make the Clean EasierCustomer Mike sent this video in to us and we love it because it shows how easily the blackened contamination lifts off. Use Hit The Deck by Wet & Forget to clean any exterior timber surface such as decks, outdoor furniture and fences. You won't be disappointed. You'll be amazed! Mike is also using our EziHand on the broom handle to give better leverage. He's doing everything right to save energy.

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