Germ Control Made Easy - Must Have Products!

Germ Control with Wet and ForgetYou can try and hide but you cannot escape bacteria.  They are everywhere!  Very few bacteria are harmful, but bad bacteria aren’t much fun when they make you sick.  They take any chance they get to take over especially if unhygienic or dirty! 

  • Bacteria can make copies of themselves very quickly!
  • That porous surfaces are just absolute germ factories!

You're always gambling with germs but you can encourage the odds to be in your favour. That means reducing exposure to germs,

  • Best accomplished with regular hand-washing and sanitisation. 
  • It also means cleaning those grimy items you rarely think to clean.

Need motivation?

Here are average total bacteria counts, per square inch, for a dozen common germ-infested items according to Gerba, who has tested hundreds of surfaces. (Charles PGerba is an American microbiologist. He currently is a professor at the University of Arizona)

Are these the hotspots in your house?

DISH SPONGE: 775,460,560
Easily the grossest cesspool in your household, the sponge is often a culprit in spreading germs around when you use a dirty one to "clean'' other surfaces. It takes about a week for the germ count to get sky high.


Exposed to food, infants, parking lot birds, shopping carts are dirtier than many other public surfaces. Coliform bacteria were detected in 72 per cent of shopping carts sampled.   On average, they carry 115 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

There's more faecal bacteria in the kitchen sink than in the toilet after we flush it, Dr Gerba said, thanks to all the meat and produce remnants that collect there

How to Clean Keyboard Mouse


Cleaners rarely touch your personal space, so if you don't clean it, then no one else will.

How to Clean Tapwear


Bathrooms overall had less bacteria than kitchens, where constant contact with food adds to cross-contamination


How To Clean Food Covered Cutting Boards

Raw meat & chicken can make cutting boards a dangerous source of cross-contamination if they're not cleaned properly.

How To Clean Your Remote Control


Given that they pass between many hands, are used while snacking and rarely get cleaned, remote controls are often germ baths.


How To Clean Your Mobile Phone

Pressed against your face and mouth all day, mobile phones can give germs easy access to enter your body. It's particularly scary if you share your phone.

How To Clean Door Knobs


Though they get a bad rap, things like doorknobs and light switches usually aren't so dirty, because people aren't touching them very often.

Facts about Germs on Checkout Screens


Touched by thousands of strangers and rarely cleaned.


How To Clean Kitchen Counter Tops


When you bring foods and meats into your kitchen from the grocery store, open and clean them in an area away from where you prepare food, and put them into clean containers before storing them.


How to Clean a Toilet SeatTOILET SEAT: 1201

Because people are careful to disinfect the toilet seat regularly, it tends to be among the cleanest surfaces in the house. One gross thing to keep in mind is that flushing the toilet releases bacteria-laden aerosols that settle on bathroom surfaces. So consider keeping your toothbrush in a drawer.

How To Clean Your Handbag

Given how often they're on the floor, it should come as no surprise that a third of purses crawl with E. coli.


Wet and Forget Indoor Sanitises All Hard Surfaces and Kills Indoor MouldWet & Forgets Hand Sanitiser gives up to 4 hours protection

  • Wet & Forget’s Hand Sanitiser uses unique antimicrobial technology that not only kills on contact but also has a persistent activity that prevents infections for UP TO FOUR HOURS under normal usage.
  • This 500ml pack disposes up to 500 shots of first line defence against germs and bacteria.   
  • Alcohol Free Formula - Unlike most sanitisers that contain alcohol (which creates a highly inflammable mix and is harsh on your hands), Wet & Forget’s Hand Sanitiser uses newer technology and is water based and non-flammable.
  • Moisturises with Aloe Vera leaving your hands feeling fresh and soft with a clean Citronella scent.

How to Use it 
Simply spray on each hand and rub together until dry.  It acts within 15 seconds!Buy Wet & Forget's Sanitising Products