It's That Time for Serious Pest Control

Spring is here but so are the PestsWet and Forget's Miss Muffet's Revenge will Deal to SpidersWet and Forget's Miss Muffet's Revenge Kills SpidersWet and Forget's Miss Muffet's Revenge Kills Spiders and Keeps Cobwebs at Bay

Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Control

  1. Miss Muffet's Revenge is a long term spider and cobweb control for inside and outside areas
  2. Miss Muffet's Revenge has a spray applicator with a 4m reach and can work upside down for those more difficult areas to spray
  3. Miss Muffet's Revenge will treat the average 3 bedroomed house twice
  4. Miss Muffet's Revenge stops spiders and cobwebs for up to 12 months in areas not exposed to weathering
  5. Miss Muffet's Revenge keeps unsightly web building off your home and spiders from entering your home 
  6. Cobweb brush comes in 2 different lengths - 2.5m and 4.5m
Bugga Off is a Bug Killer for Cockroaches and FleasBugga Off is a Bug Killer for Cockroaches and Fleas
  1. Bugga Off is a long term bug control for 6 legged crawly bugs
  2. Bugga Off will get rid of cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, earwigs, slaters etc
  3. Bugga Off has a spray applicator with a 4m reach and can work upside down for difficult areas to spray
Pesky Critter is water Spray to Deter small Animals

Pesky Critter Small Animal Repeller

  1. Pesky Critter repels unwanted animals with a burst of harmless water.
  2. Pesky Critter easily hooks up to your hose and has a 10m sensor range
  3. Pesky Critter is solar powered with rechargeable batteries
  4. Pesky Critter protects your yard, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers water features from hungry or destructive or invasive, annoying animal intruders.
  5. As a by-product, it is great fun for the kids in the summertime to play water games when they run past it.
Ants In Ya Pants is a great product for Ant ControlAnts In Ya Pants is an Effective Ant Killer

Ant In Ya Pants Ant Control

  1. When ants invade your space, they come in large numbers! Get rid of ants with Ants in Ya Pants - a simple solution to a big problem
  2. Ants In Ya Pants is a ready to use food gel made with natural ingredients and without preservatives
  3. Ants In Ya Pants comes with 4 safe, reusable bait stations to prevent pets or birds eating the bait
  4. Ants In Ya Pants is delicious to ants.  The worker ants take large quantities back to the nest to wipe out the queen and the colony
Cheesed Off Rodent Catchers are Safe and Durable Rodent CatchersCheesed Off Rodent Catchers are Safe and Durable Rodent Catchers

Cheesed Off Rodent Traps for Mice and Rats

  1. Mice and rats are a health hazard and no-one likes them in the home
  2. Get rid of mice and rats with a 'Cheesed Off' rodent trap
  3. Cheesed Off Rodent Traps come with 'easy to set' traps
  4. Cheesed Off Rodent Traps  for mice and rats are durable and lockable to prevent accidental contact by children or pets
  5. Just insert the key to open and bait the trap with apple, peanut butter or cheese
  6. Place where there is evidence of rodents.  They will come!
Waspinators are great for wasp control


  1. Wasps are territorial and it's not always easy to get rid of wasps
  2. Waspinator mimics the wasp's nest so the scouts alert other wasps not to go there
  3. Mobile and made from recycled material, Waspinators will last a season
  4. Waspinator is a great weapon for wasp control
Rat Catcher's Revenge is a plug in device to deter small critters

Rat Catcher's Revenge

  1. Plug the Rat Catcher's Revenge into an outlet close to the pest problem
  2. For best results we recommend 2 per floor
  3. Ultrasonic sound will not go through solid barriers so avoid blocking the device with furniture etc