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Miss Muffet's Revenge is named after the famous nursery rhyme.
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Spiders can Run but they Can't Hide from Miss Muffet's Revenge


It's Obvious Why is the Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Sprayer is So Good
Which Indoor or Outdoor Surfaces Can Be Sprayed for Spiders?Spray all these surfaces with Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Deterrent

Miss Muffet's Revenge is the most effective spider killer. One application will provide instant protection and continue to work for up to 12 months in areas where there is no weathering. eg under eaves

Outdoor Application for Spider Control with Miss Muffet’s Revenge:

  • Apply a misty spray of product along the exterior perimeter of your home.
    Mist, but don’t saturate.
  • For best results, apply Miss Muffet's Revenge on a clear, dry day when wind and rain aren't on the radar.
  • Leave the application for one week, then come back and clean up the cobwebs using one of our extendable cobweb brushes.

Indoor Application for Spider Control with Miss Muffet’s Revenge:

  • Apply a misty spray of product inside your home in areas where spiders are a recurring problem. Mist, but don’t saturate.
  • NOTE: We do recommend doing a test spray in a small area before doing a total spray.


After each use, turn sprayer nozzle to 'OFF' position. Once the trigger is connected, transport in the upright position to avoid leakage through the breather hole.

Areas exposed to the weather will need re-application more often than those protected from the elements. (eg under eaves)

How to Get Rid of Spider Webs?

Getting rid of spider webs on porch overhangs, window frames, exposed ceilings and every other nook and cranny is easy with our extendable cobweb brushes.  Choose 2.5m or 4.5 m reach.
Buy the Combination of Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Killer and the Cobweb Brush