NZ's Dirtiest Deck? This is a Must See

NZ's Dirtiest Deck Competition

'The Rock' searched for NZ's DIRTIEST deck and they found this amazing example of neglect - but see what happens when 'Hit The Deck' works on
that black mould and fungi. Wet & Forget's 'Hit The Deck' once again has us spellbound. Watch and see the super fast transformation. If you want
quick results to clean up your deck, then choose 'Hit The Deck'. You won't be disappointed.  Thanks to Mike Snook for this opportunity to show off
the cleaning power of oxygen with "'' Timber Rejuvenator!  It will clean up any exterior surface to give immediate results.
After the video are more examples of competitors decks.  There's no disputing the difference!

"Hit The Deck' Gives This Dirty Deck a new Look Hit The Deck' Gives Another Dirty Deck a New Look"

How To Clean Your Dirty deck in 3 Easy Steps

Accessories to Help with 'Hit The Deck' - Wet & Forget's Amazing Deck Cleaner