Miss Muffet's Revenge for Spider Control

Fun Facts About Spiders from the World Wide Web!
  1. For its weight, spider web silk is actually stronger and tougher than steel.
  2. Spider muscles can only pull their legs inward but can’t extend them out again. To get around this issue, spiders will pump a watery liquid into their legs to help push them out again. This is why a dead spider has its legs always curled inwards as there is no fluid being distributed to retract them.
  3. On average, it takes a spider about 60 minutes to spin a web.
  4. The average house has 30 spiders.
  5. Average life span is 1-2 years, although female tarantulas may live up to 20 yrs!
  6. Spiders have blue blood. The molecule that oxygen is bound to, contains copper, which gives their blood the blue colour.
Take control of your house and get rid of the spiders
How to Control Spiders and Spider Webs Around Your Home

No matter what kind of spider you’re dealing with, you don’t always want to share space with them.
  1. Seal up your entry points wherever possible to keep spiders from entering through cracks, eaves and crevices. Cover vents with fine mesh or insect screens. Remove cobwebs and declutter crowded spaces.
  2. If you have webs, you also have spiders on your property. In addition to being unsightly, these webs harbour pests and allow spiders to reproduce.
  3. Spiders love to feed on bugs like cockroaches, beetles and crickets, so make sure you keep these populations in check with Bugga Off
  4. Use a long-handled cobweb brush to destroy the webs in high-up indoor/outdoor areas like eaves or the corners between your walls and ceilings.
  5. Turn off outdoor lighting since it can attract pests like moths, which will attract spiders.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Spiders and Spider Webs
  1. Miss Muffet’s Revenge is a 'ready to use' product with a remote applicator gun with nozzle adjustments (4m spray reach on “jet” setting). It sprays upside down for those ‘hard to reach’ areas.
  2. Go around your house and mist (not saturate) all spider cobwebs or areas where spiders are likely to be.
  3. Apply Miss Muffet's Revenge under soffits, weatherboards, bricks, textured paint, garden sheds, wood piles, glasshouses, under decks, entrances, doorways or windows, around workshops etc.
  4. Leave it for a few days.
  5. Clean up the burial ground of spiders and remove the cobwebs (use our extendable cobweb brushes for this)
  6. Go around again and mist known problem areas – under soffits, round door and window frames etc (all about location, location!)
  7. If you spray Miss Muffet's Revenge in areas where there is no weathering, you will get up to a year’s protection.
Remove those unsightly cobwebsBuy Miss Muffet's Revenge for spider control