How to Get Rid of Cockroaches


Before we get to 'How to get rid of cockroaches' - this is worth reading!

China has the world’s largest indoor breeding facility for cockroaches, producing 6 billion a year This outnumbers the planet’s human population!

Fully sealed like a prison, it has strict limitations on access to visitors. From birth to death, inhabitants never see the sun.  It is warm, humid and dark all year round, with freedom for the cockroaches to roam to find food and reproduce. The multi-storey building is about the size of two sports fields, consisting of long, narrowly spaced rows of shelves which are lined with open containers of food and water.

When they reach the desired weight and size, the cockroaches are fed into machines and crushed to make the potion, which apparently has remarkable effects on stomach pain and other ailments.

But right here and now in NZ
We want to get rid of these disgusting transmitters of disease. 

These crawling insects are absolutely synonymous with dirt and filth, and to make matters worse, like a giant bacteria magnet, they can also assist in the spread of disease! 

Cockroaches do not spend time cleaning up after themselves and they never wash their hands. That means that roaches running around your kitchen counters are more than troubling.  After picking up germs and bacteria in places like bathrooms, garbage dumps, and sewers and drains, cockroaches then carry those contaminants to food storage and prep areas in the home – your home!  These insects can bring disease and bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, and parasitic worms into your cosy home and make you and everyone else sick.

Cockroaches can sustain themselves on the glue from a postage stamp which reiterates just how extremely hardy they are .

The one constant about cockroaches is that they are adaptable, capable of finding food and can survive even in some of the harshest environments. These hardy insects have survived global catastrophes managing to make homes in virtually every continent.

Once they take hold, they can be very hard to find which means it can be a tough job to get rid of an infestation.  They scurry and stowaway in the dark, forgotten corners of your home — beneath the fridge, the sink and even your air vents.

Then, there are a host of studies indicating that cockroaches trigger asthma symptoms, especially in children.Get Rid of Cockroaches with Bugga Off by Wet & ForgetHere are a couple of handy tips to prevent these pesky critters from taking over your comfortable, private zones!

  • Seal and secure all food and rubbish bins – use sealed containers wherever possible
  • Repair water leaks around the home.
  • Close up any cracks and holes in your home to ensure all entry points into the home are sealed.
  • To be on the safe side, make sure your crawl spaces and other roachy haunts are kept ventilated and dry.
  • Use Bugga Off ready to use spray to prevent them coming in the first place

Get Rid of Cockroaches with Bugga Off

  1. Bugga Off is a READY TO USE product with a remote applicator gun stored inside the handle. It has nozzle adjustments (4m spray reach on “jet” setting and it will spray upside down for hard to reach area

    Get Rid of Cockroaches with Bugga Off Cockroach Spray                        
  2. Spray Bugga Off wherever the problem area is.
  3. Bugga Off lays a minefield down – as soon as bugs touch it, they’re a gonner!!
  4. Spray Bugga Off underneath dishwashers/fridge/ovens etc
  5. In cupboards, take food etc out and spray at the back.
  6. You can also spray Bugga Off on bushes etc where cockroaches can be a problem.

Bugga Off is the Best Way to Get Rid of Cockroaches and Fleas and Other BugsRuud Kleinpaste Comments