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Seaweed Tea - All Gardeners know the value of Seaweed
Seafood Soup - All Gardeners know the value of fish remains Tea Enhances a Plant's Natural Immune System

  • Seaweed Tea is like a vaccination for your plants to help build an increased resistance in plants to both pest attacks and plant diseases.
  • This means less chemical sprays to improve soil health and boost plant growth!
  • Seaweed Tea protects the plants - like a 'plant bodyguard'.
  • Seaweed is a bio stimulant which enhances friendly biota in the soil.

Seafood Soup is a Potent Fish Fertiliser

  • Seafood Soup is a hard core, potent fish fertiliser, that is worth its weight in gold
  • All the minerals and nutrients come to you, direct from the ocean.
  • It's like thousands of seabirds dropping poop on your garden.
  • This is the ultimate plant food! It's what your plants want to eat!
  • Seafood Soup is loaded with trace elements.
  • Its correct NPK ratio is critical to support strong growth. 
You Can't Get Better Results Than This!

Seaweed Tea & Seafood Soup re the Best Combination For Amazing Garden Growth

When and How to Apply Seaweed Tea and Seafood Soup