Deck Cleaning

When our pure oxygen product, Hit The Deck is applied to the deck, it immediately starts to lift the UV degraded wood fibre and the contamination mould, mildew and organic matter with it.  Using the hard, short bristled, deck scrubber and minimal effort, the contamination will lift off easily.  Just hose with reasonable pressure and the 'marshmallow-like' layer will vanish to reveal a stunning fresh, new timber look. Don't waste time thinking about it. You'll be WOWED by the stunning results!


Don't forget about transforming dirty outdoor furniture!

The pictures say it all!


    The resins and colour need to leach out for 6 mths before application
  • Always make sure deck is completely DRY and totally CLEAN before application
  • If you have a large area to clean - do it in sections to avoid the product evaporating off before you get to scrub it off