Bin Pong Gone

Bin Pong Gone Odour Remover

Where Can You Use Bin Pong Gone?

Wheelie Bins    Food Scrap Bins    Recycling Bins    Nappy Buckets    Kitchen Bins    Drain Overflows    Fish Bins   
Any type of rubbish receptacle that WHEELIE smells bad!

Why Does Your Bin Smell So Bad?

The reason your bin smells bad is simple!  Decomposing, organic material and the bad bacteria that make this their home cause those horrendous odours!  Rotting food scraps, pooey nappies, takeaway boxes and wrappers are all gourmet treats for the bacteria that produce the foul smells.  Bin Pong Gone has a combination of bio actives that absolutely outperform traditional chemical and enzyme based products. All you are left with is a heavenly hint of orange.

Solving the Problem with BIN PONG GONE

The good bacteria in our Bin Odour Eater will solve this - believe it or not!  The friendly bacteria multiply & spread & continue to control the odour & bad bacteria for long periods. These little critters are the good guys!  They release enzymes that eat both the organic matter and the bad odour producing bacteria causing the problem!  This in turn, will also stop flies congregating around the bin because there is no longer the attractant of rotting food odours.  So, no maggots to contend with either!

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