No More Shower Scrubba-Dub-Dubbing!

No More Scrubba-Dubbing Your ShowerTake Control of Shower Cleaning

No More Scrub-a-Dub-Dubbing!

Use Shower Witch and just see, how easily it dissolves
all that soap scum and those body oils without scrubbing at all!It's the season for cleaning with Shower WitchCleaning Your Shower is an Easy Job for Shower WitchCheck out the multipurpose uses of Shower Witch

Shower Witch is a Magical degreaser for BBQ's

Spray where there is a grease build up. Leave overnight. Wash off with hot water. Double rinse hot plate before cooking

Clean the grease off Your BBQ with Shower Witch

Shower Witch dissolves nuisance soap scum that builds up in your washing machine

Spray inside the empty machine (& agitator if you have one). Leave overnight. Complete a hot wash cycle with empty load to remove build up.
Clean washing machines with Shower Witch to remove soap build up

Shower Witch is so safe to use on Venetian blinds

Helps to hang them outside.  Wash off with hose.Clean Your Venetian Blinds with Shower Witch

Shower Witch easily removes that soap residue that builds up inside your dishwasher

Spray sparingly inside. Leave overnight.  Hot rinse while empty. NOT SUITABLE FOR DISH DRAWERSClean Your Dishwasher with Shower Witch

Shower Witch magically deals to these problems too

So many ways to use Shower Witch to degrease dirty surfaces

Using Shower Witch is the Easiest job of the week

How Do You Use Shower Witch?

Choose the option below that suits you
The winning 5L refill helps reduces plastic waste


MORE shower cleaning options

If you have the combination of dark tiles and hard water - always do a test spot. This cleaner is so jolly good at removing soap scum and body oils that it can highlight those calcium deposits on darker tiles only.  No problem on lighter tiles.

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