Don't Let Indoor Mould Become An Issue.

Indoor Mould is Not Good For Your Health

Wet & Forget Indoor® beats bleach by a country mile

It’s So Safe:
It’s also non-abrasive! No problems to use it on a wide variety of hard, non porous surfaces such as bathtubs, walls, woodwork, boats, ceramics, plastic, upholstery and of course your wheelie bin.

No Hard Chemistry:
Wet & Forget Indoor kills the odour causing bacteria that creates those stinky, musty smells. Rest easy with its fresh scent.

Wet & Forget Indoor is RTU:
It’s all ready for you to start spraying. Our special nozzle is clipped in to the handle and ensures and even and effortless spray.

Wet & Forget Indoor Inhibits Mould & Mildew Regrowth:
You will know that mould and mildew is stubbornly difficult to eradicate. It just keeps wanting to come back. Wet and Forget Indoor is superior to bleach because it doesn’t hide mould – it inhibits it!

It’s a breeze to spray:

  • Eliminating mould and mildew with Wet and Forget Indoor couldn’t be easier!
  • Just spray. Wait 10mins. Then wipe!
  • You don’t need to mix, scrub or rinse. It’s truly so simple to use.

Use Wet & Forget Indoor with confidence (and don’t be tempted to use bleach again!)Wet & Forget Indoor to the Rescue  to Kill Indoor Mould and MildewWet & Forget Indoor is the Best Product to Kill Indoor Mould and Mildew