How To Clean Your Windows

Do You Want Crystal Clear, Streak Free Results?
Then let me introduce you to a revolutionary way to clean your windows 

Window Witch is the Best Product to Clean Your Windows

Window Witch from Wet & Forget will save you time and will give you the most amazing results!  For the first time ever, you'll enjoy streak free and spot free windows without using a squeegee!  No dangerous ladders needed and with the amazing Extreme Reach Nozzle, the flow reaches a second storey on your home with ease.

What is Window Witch?

  1. Window Witch® is a combination of smart surfactants that dissolve grime
  2. Window Witch® also contains citrate water softeners and high performance additives to sheet water from the window, eliminating water spotting.
  3. Window Witch® is for a professional sparkling shine, without ever having to hire the professional.
  4. Window Witch® is an Invisible Liquid Squeegee! Gives NO water spotting & NO Streaking!

    Check out the 3 Easy Steps to Using Window Witch

  1. Simply apply Window Witch to your windows using the revolutionary Reach Nozzle.
  2. Agitate lightly up and down with one of our microfibre brush heads, to remove any surplus grime.
  3. Then rinse off (above and to the side of the window) to ensure a thorough clean off.
    Water miraculously sheets off the glass and the grime disappears

Window Witch Gives You  Magical Experience

Window Witch is What the Professionals Use - Save Yourself TimeChoose Your Pack Size

Helpful Hints to Get the Best Out of Using Window Witch
Helpful Hints to get the Best out of Cleaning Your Windows with Window WitchMore Helpful Hints to get the Best out of Cleaning Your Windows with Window WitchNow for cleaning the inside your windows:
Wet & Forget has another special product to make life easier.

Interior Glass Cleaner Like No Other

Window Witch is No Longer a Daunting Task When You Clean With Window Witch