Bye Bye Fly - Fly Deterrent
Bye Bye Fly - Fly Deterrent
Bye Bye Fly - Fly Deterrent

Bye Bye Fly - Fly Deterrent

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  • Bye Bye Fly Repeller is an essential item for every home. As you can see in the video, this family meal was absolutely FLY FREE!
    Buy more for yourself and definitely buy these as a year round gift. It's a winning idea!

  • Bye Bye Fly Repellent is designed to repel flies away from food on your table, BBQ, outdoor picnic or wherever the pesky little critters might try to ruin your lunch, picnic or dinner party whether it be inside or outside dining.

  • The soft, rotating wings of the Bye Bye Fly repellent have a reflective pattern which rotates and causes a major disturbance to the flies.  Therefore, they avoid the threat like the plague!

  • No more waving your arms around like a palm tree in a hurricane to shoo the flies away and in the process knocking the gravy over into Granny’s lap, or Uncle Robbie’s toupee off into the soup!

    No noise!   No fuss!   No flies!

Power source:
2 high quality AA batteries (not included) or DC power cord (included)
(DC Power cord bypasses the batteries - it does not charge the batteries)

Where to use: Anywhere that flies are a pain in the butt!!  Bye Bye Fly may also be hung upside down from a clip on the bottom of the unit to a suitable fixing point above food.