Tiger's Paw - How To Use

Our ergonomically designed, ‘Restorer Block Holder’ fits the hand perfectly, and has a soft, tiger stripe pattern for excellent grip.

  1. Fit a ‘Restorer Block’ into the ‘Restorer Block Holder’.
    This has a finely milled abrasive which is infused into a lubricant. When this is wet, it helps reduce any fine scratching on the glass.

  1. Keep the glass wet by spraying water on the area you are focusing on.

  1. Use a vertical scrubbing action ONLY to cut away the undissolved minerals from the glass surface.
    We recommend you do a small test area first to gauge how much pressure is needed to achieve the desired result
  2. Rinse and dry the glass to check clarity – continue cleaning the remainder of the door
  3. Once clean, you will only have to use Tiger’s Paw every so often, as and when the glass develops a build up again

Always try a test spot at the bottom corner of your problem glass, as some glass is softer and very mild, fine hair line scratching may be seen in certain light.  In the worst case of prolonged mineral buildup, Tiger’s Paw® may not remove all traces of your water spotting.

Tiger’s Paw® is specifically for use only on Shower Glass, and is not for use on Automotive or domestic house glass