Tiger's Paw - How to Use

Shower Glass Restorer is for 'hard water deposits' (water spotting)
on your shower glass

Use Tiger's Paw when no amount of elbow grease is able to remove your calcium deposits off your shower glass door. Get ready to exfoliate your glass door and claw back your pristine glass from the past with this do-it-yourself tool.

How Does It Work?

The Tiger's Paw® consists of two parts:

  1. Our ergonomically designed, Restorer Block Holder fits the hand perfectly and has a soft, tiger stripe pattern for excellent grip.
  2. Restorer Block  will fit into the Restorer Block Holder.  This has a finely milled abrasive which is infused into a lubricant.  
  3. Wet the glass frequently using the spray bottle supplied.
  4. Use a one directional, vertical scrubbing motion, to effectively cut the undissolved minerals off the glass surface.
  5. Be sure to keep the glass wet to activate the lubricants in the Restorer Block.
  6. If necessary, have a person supporting the shower door to gain pressure and purchase with the Tiger's Paw®
  7. Rinse the door frequently to assess your restoration work.

CAUTION: Always try a test spot at the bottom corner of your problem glass, as some glass is softer and very mild, fine, hair line scratching may be seen in certain light.  In the worst case of prolonged mineral buildup, Tiger's Paw may not remove all traces of your water spotting.