Shower Witch - How To Use

How To Attach Your Applicator Gun
Shower Witch Shower Cleaner-Trigger Attachment1Shower Witch Shower Cleaner-Trigger Attachment2Shower Witch Shower Cleaner-Trigger Attachment3
  1. When you finish your shower, spray all your surfaces including the base.
  2. Leave it to soak until your next shower (preferably overnight - not necessary though if you are cleaning regularly).
  3. Use your shower head to rinse it all down with water.
  4. If you don’t have a removable shower head, then clean the shower as you already do - by wiping it down or with a bucket of water and cloth.
  5. Be careful to rinse off the base first in case it is slippery.
  6. Just watch the soap scum, body fats and grime dissolve and disappear before your eyes.
  7. A wipe down may help in extreme cases.
  8. Use it only when you see a soap build up – not every day.


    • Will not remove hard mineral deposits (water spotting).  Do a test spot if you have hard water and dark tiles. 
    • Shower base may be slippery after application so always rinse off first before showering.