Seaweed Tea - Benefits

  • Seaweed Tea is a potent plant & soil health tonic to help fight disease & pest attack. It is like your garden's own personal "plant bodyguard".  Seaweed Tea is just like a vaccination to help build an increased resistance in your plants to pest attack & plant disease. This means less chemical sprays!
  • Seaweed Tea is a natural seaweed.  We all know how good seaweed is for plants!
  • Seaweed Tea builds systemic resistance in plants by stimulating their own natural immune system to recover from stress related setbacks & resist pest attack.
  • Seaweed Tea is a combination of natural seaweed, trace elements, vitamins, potassium & amino acids, all designed to integrate with nature’s own soil processes.
  • Seaweed Tea is especially high in amino acids to fortify the cells & condition the plants to help them absorb Seafood Soup (our potent, hard core, fish fertiliser)
  • Seaweed Tea combines with earth’s bio-network to provide healthy, high yielding plant growth with a massive boost to soil health.
  • Seaweed Tea will help your fruit and vegetables to be sweeter, more colourful and bigger!
  • Seaweed Tea will help your flowers and decorative plants & hedges to be more vibrant in colour with deeper, greener foliage.
  • Seaweed Tea will also feed & protect healthy soil, earthworms & soil micro-organisms through the supply of natural enzyme, enriched nutrients. These good micro-organisms feed on dead plant & animal matter to break down proteins, sugars, fatty substances, starches, cellulose etc. This then liberates carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorous & other minerals to make it available to the plant to uptake. It also results in more enzymes and natural antibiotics.