Tea and Soup - How to Use

                           Seaweed Tea and Seafood Soup Reach Nozzle
  1. Connect Seaweed Tea Reach Nozzle  to your hose. There’s no mess and no mixing!!
  2. Turn dial to “Water” and turn tap on until you are happy with the pressure.
  3. Rotate black dial on Reach Nozzle to ‘ON’ setting
  1. Spray the foliage and soil to give a thorough coverage of the surface.
  2. When finished, turn the hose off.
    Spray a small amount to release the pressure.
  3. Repeat this process with Seafood Soup
  4. Apply both products to the foliage and soil every 2 - 3 weeks during spring, summer and autumn.

These organic solutions will make your gardens come to life with stunning results