Seafood Soup - Benefits

  • Seafood Soup is an 'Ocean Fresh' fish fertiliser that's worth its weight in gold. It's loaded with goodness for your plants to eat!
  • Seafood Soup is a powerful natural fertiliser made from whole fresh fish scraps, (100% fish protein ) which are digested using special enzymes that break down the large proteins in the fish meat and bones. 
  • Seafood Soup uses hydrolysed fish which is widely considered to be the “high-end” fish fertilizer product. It also contains higher levels of phosphorus for both plant health and strong, tasty crops.
  • Seafood Soup's hydrolysed fish has a lower pH so it preserves more vitamins, proteins and micro-nutrients.
  • Seafood Soup doesn’t have a highly objectionable odour like fish emulsions and it’s also highly water-soluble, so it’s great for foliar and root zone applications.
  • Seafood Soup also has all of the main nutritional elements of a whole fish (such as amino acids, growth hormones and micronutrients) that are chelated, so they are easy for the plant to consume.
  • Seafood Soup contains fish oil which acts as a natural insecticide.