How to Clean Your Deck

Are you one of those kiwis who loves the sheer enjoyment of outdoor living on the deck area summer or winter, close to where the action is for BBQ’s 
and social gatherings?  Well, that enjoyment can be cut short if your deck suffers from algae, lichen, moss or mould.

Hit The Deck-Deck Cleaner Makes a Huge Difference

All of these stains are ugly and even worse - some can cause even more problems: 
Algae creates a slippery surface that can lead to falls. 
Moss can damage the surface of your deck. 
All of these deck problems can keep you indoors instead of outside enjoying the fresh air on your deck.

Deck Cleaning with Hit The Deck

What Deck Cleaning Products Should you Use?

Option 1

For an instant clean up for those really BLACKENEDWEATHERED decks or timber surfaces, use Hit The Deck 
Suitable for both softwoods & hardwoods.

It is specifically designed for those really blackened decks where the contamination is harder to remove and where you want a more instant result to get rid of decks spoilt with moss, algae, mould and lichen.  Hit The Deck is another great product by Wet & Forget and crucial to success is to use our deck scrub brush

    Option 2

    If your deck just needs a general maintenance spray and the contamination is not too bad, then either 
    Wet & Forget or Rapid Application are the safest, easiest and most effective products to achieve great results. After you have sprayed the surface with either product you can sit back and let Mother Nature to do the cleaning for you – this can take some time depending on the level of contamination and the amount of rain that you get will help wash the decomposing debris away. 

    If the contamination is green it will clean up fairly quickly but if it is black and heavily contaminated, look at Option 1 for a quicker solution


    How to Remove Moss, Algae, Mould and Lichen from your Decks.

    Be Careful – use common sense
    • If you have plants nearby that may get sprayed, cover them with plastic or newspaper or even wet them down with water. 
    • Keep pets off of the deck until the Wet & Forget or Rapid Application has dried.

    1. Pick a day when your deck will have at least 4 to 5 hours to dry before any chance of rain. 
    2. Make sure the deck area that you are going to spray is as dry as possible. 
    3. With Wet & Forget - mix a solution of 1 part Wet & Forget to 5 parts water in your garden sprayer and thoroughly
      saturate the affected area with it.
    4. No rain for 5 hours. 
    5. With Rapid Application, just plug your hose on to the hose end on the bottle. Turn to “ON” and off you spray.
      No mess and no mixing!

    Hints in dealing with Lichen on wooden surfaces:
    Don't allow the surface to dry completely between saturations.
    Saturate the area, wait 15 minutes, then saturate a second time. 
    Lichen is a complex, multi-layered growth and saturating the area twice allows 
    Wet & Forget or Rapid Application to
    penetrate all of the layers.

    Prevention:  How do you prevent it from coming back? 
    First Suggestion: At the first sign of recurrence, treat the area with Wet & Forget or Rapid Application again.
    This will prevent the growth from gaining a foothold.

    Second Suggestion: You could also use another one of Wet & Forget’s great products called Bone Dry  
    This product is suitable for any porous surface and helps seal the surface so that moss, mould lichen and algae have a
    harder job to set up a permanent home. 


                                      Bone Dry by Wet & Forget to Seal Porous Surfaces


    Enjoy your life on the deck and a give a better life to that very deck!
    Hit The Deck Cleans Decks Like No Other Product