Bugga Off - How to Use

How To Attach Your Bugga Off® Applicator Gun
Bugga Off Bug Control -Trigger AttachmentBugga Off Bug Control-Trigger Attachment2Bugga Off Bug Control-Trigger Attachment3
  1. Bugga Off® is a READY TO USE product with a remote applicator gun stored inside the handle. it has nozzle adjustments (4m spray reach on “jet” setting and it will spray upside down for hard to reach area
                            Bugga Off Applicator
  2. Spray Bugga Off® wherever the problem area is.
  3. Bugga Off® lays a minefield down – as soon as bugs touch it, they’re a gonner!!
  4. Spray Bugga Off® underneath dishwashers/fridge/ovens etc
  5. In cupboards, take food etc out and spray at the back.
  6. You can also spray Bugga Off® on bushes etc where mosquitoes or bugs can be a problem.