Store Manager's Conference Sept 2019

Wet & Forget Store Manager

Last year we gathered in Queenstown for our annual conference and it proved to be so damn popular that we went back again this year.  Last year, for some light relief,  we were lucky enough to visit Highland Race Park where we all drove cars to the limit. BUT, the bonus was that EVERY person also got an individual ride of a lifetime with Tony Quin in his Ferrari around his race track!!!!  How does one beat that?
Wet & Forget Team having Fun at Highland Park

Well, this year we were partnered up to test ABS brakes in a Subaru but the highlight was definitely the Go Cart track where the driver was blindfolded and the navigator had the extremely onerous task of making that driver keep to the track.  Very few did!  In my case, Bridget from the Nelson store, was calm at the beginning but only at the beginning!
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A bit more!
LEFTER!!!!!     LEFTER!!!!! Rod Collingwood RacerLunch at Bannockburn Hotel with the StaffFarewell to Wayne Harris of Wet and Forget for over 23 years

Where will we go next year?   All I know is that I can't wait.   We belong to such a cool group of people!