Lichen on House

I just had to write and send you this photo of a house we brought a few months ago. As you can see it was in a real bad way. It was a real talking point to everyone who travelled past or played golf, as it fronted on to golf course.

We got stuck into it with Wet and Forget and we got people stopping and saying, "What did you clean the place with?" I told so many people it was Wet and Forget that we were just about to put it on a poster at the front gate.

Even the man next door has had to promote it. We have used Wet and Forget for year but never on a job as bad as this, so just wanted to say thank you for such a great product and all the hours of work wet and forget saved us.

Thank you, thank you.

From the owners of the new, bright clean house where
our son is proud to live in while his new house is being built.

On concrete paths..

A photo showing an area sprayed with wet and forget to the perimeter of our pathway to see if it works. Oh yes it does work! I have now purchased two extra 5 litre packs to finish the job. Great stuff.

Thanks Wet and Forget
Jenny Seator

From tiles to caravans..

Some months ago I purchased 5L of your product, Wet and Forget. I intended to use your product on pavers which had need of cleaning. My house is over 50yrs old and has a teracotta tile roof which was covered with moss and grime. One could hardly see the natural colour of the tiles. I was told by the builder the tiles needed to be replaced, with a quote of $6,000. I advised him that I would consider it. I decided to try Wet and Forget and used it all, hoping for the best.

Meanwhile, I went away touring in my caravan for 4 months and on my return - to my horror - the roof tiles had been replaced!! I rang the builder accusing him of going ahead with replacement tiles without my authorization. He assured me he had not done any work at my house and was waiting for me to give the go ahead.

At this point I realised Wet and Forget had done the job and my rood looks brand new. I cannot thank you enough. You may use this as a recommendation of your wonderful product at will.

Eric Heideman

Three years on..

This is the third year I have been using Wet & Forget and can endorse the comments made in your ads. Enclosed is my cheque for more product.

Anne Duffy

Black roof tiles..


I have used your product during the year with excellent results. My tiled roof was black with lichen. Now after almost 12 months it is clean and bright. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

R Lea