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Wet & ForgetWet & Forget

Our Products Work..... You Don't!

  • Wet and Forget 5L


    5L makes 30L product. Safe on any exterior surface. No bleach.

  • Rapid Application (2L)


    For speedy applications. Removes moss, mould, lichen found from any exterior surface.

  • Shower Witch


    2L RTU. Great for showers to get rid of soap scum & body oils. Also for cleaning dishwasher, washing machine, venetian blinds.

  • Tiger's Paw Shower Glass Restorer

    Regular Price: $109.95

    Special Price $89.95

    Exfoliate & rejuvenate your shower glass. Free it from it calcium deposits with this simple and easy to use tool

  • BEE Laundry Powder (1.4kg)


    BEE (Be Environmentally Enlightened) with our Triple concentrate to deep clean with just a tiny dose. (1.4kg)

  • Miss Muffet's Revenge


    For long term cobweb & spider control this 2L 'Ready to Use' spray is just what you need.

  • Hitman 2L Concentrate Weedkiller (Organic)


    Hitman 2L Concentrate Organic Weedkiller. Get rid of those pesky weeds.
    2 hour knockdown! Measuring cup embedded in the handle.

  • BEE Multi Surface Cleaner (500ml)


    BEE (Be Environmentally Enlightened) has created this Multi-Surface Cleaner (500ml)to be safe on all food preparation surfaces and not harmful to children

  • Hit The Deck


    Especially for those blackened decks where you want quick results with the help of some good old kiwi elbow grease.

  • Sprayer - 7L Marolex


    Our most popular sprayer! Keeps its pressure so well.

  • Wet & Forget Indoor - Mould & Mildew Sanitiser Cleaner


    Cleans, deodorises & sanitises all in one labour saving step. Use in any damp areas.